Identification of cell lines

Species confirmation

The species of origin of animal cell lines is determined or confirmed by isoenzyme analysis (AuthentiKit TM System, Innovative Chemistry). The electrophoretic mobility of at least two different isoenzymes from a panel of seven (AST, G6PD, LD, MD, MPI, NP, and Pep B) is determined for each cell line. Recently, Banca Biologica has published a PCR-based method for easily identifying or confirming the species of origin of cell lines by using a panel of oligonucleotides specific for the nine animal species most common in cell culture laboratories (human, cat, dog, mouse, rat, horse, rabbit, African Green monkey and Chinese hamster). Furthermore Banca Biologica has developed a multiplex PCR method, which allow for confirmation of the species of a cell line and for identification of a possible inter-species cross-contamination by a single assay.

STR Identification

Recently, the multiplex short tandem repeat (STR) profiling test was developed for identification of human cell lines. Using this approach, a number of STR loci are amplified by means of PCR with a set of primers, and the products are simultaneously analysed with technologies of automated revelation. This results in a numerical line-specific code, extremely reproducible, which will become integral part of the cell line identification code. The STR test was already carried out on a panel of Banca Biologica cell lines, and will be extended to all the human cell lines.