Cell Line List

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1301 human leukemia, acute lymphoblastic, T cell HTL01004
293 human embryonal kidney, Adenovirus type 5 transformed HTL03003
293T human embryonal kidney, SV40 and large T antigen transformed HTL04001
380 human leukemia, pre-B cell HTL99019
3T3 mouse embryo ATL95002
5637 human bladder carcinoma HTL01017
8305C human thyroid carcinoma, undifferentiated HTL96026
92.1 human, uvea, melanoma, uveal HTL12001
A-172 human glioblastoma HTL97013
A-204 human rhabdomyosarcoma HTL99002
A-498 human kidney carcinoma HTL04005
A-704 human kidney adenocarcinoma HTL95007
A 2058 human melanoma HTL08002
A2780 human ovary adenocarcinoma HTL98008
A549 human lung carcinoma HTL03001
A8/D1 mouse thymoma ATL98012
AC human, blood HTL14005
ACHN human kidney adenocarcinoma HTL99007
ACN human neuroblastoma HTL96020
AF-2 cl.9B5 mouse hybridoma, anti AF-2 HYL95001
AKR/11-D mouse thymocyte, Lyt2- ATL98007
AKR/12B-1 mouse thymocyte, Lyt2- ATL98005
AKR/12B-2 mouse thymocyte, Lyt2- ATL98008
AKR/12B-3 mouse thymocyte, Lyt2- ATL98009
AKR/13B mouse thymocyte, Lyt2- ATL98006
AKR/14C mouse thymocyte, Lyt2- ATL98010
ALL-PO human leukemia, acute lymphoblastic HTL01003
AMALA human, lymphocyte, B HTL14002
B104 rat neuroblastoma ATL99008
B104-1-1 mouse NIH/3T3, transfected ATL98015
B16-F10 mouse melanoma ATL99010
B1647 human leukemia, erythromegakaryocytic HTL03004
B3/AN mouse thymoma ATL97004
B9 mouse hybridoma, B cell, IL-6 dependent, non producing HYL98004
B95.8 monkey B lymphocyte, EBV transformed ATL95004
BAE-1 bovine aorta endothelium AL00004
BALB/3T3 cl. A31 mouse, mus musculus AL09001
Bat lung bat lung ATL96010
BOB human, lymphocyte, B HTL14003
BRL-3A rat liver AL00002
BPH-1 human benign prostatic hyperplasia HTL11006
BT-474 human breast carcinoma HTL00008
BT-549 human breast carcinoma HTL02006
BV-173 human leukemia, pre-B cell HTL99018
BV-2 mouse microglial cells, recombinant retrovirus (v-raf/v-mic) transformed ATL03001
BxPC-3 human pancreas adenocarcinoma HTL96011
C2-Rev7 rat hepatoma ATL96007
C33A human cervix carcinoma HTL02004
C6 rat glial tumor ATL95007
CA46 human lymphoma, Burkitt HTL97007
Caco-2 human colon adenocarcinoma HTL97023
Caki-2 human kidney carcinoma HTL95029
CALOGERO humann, lymphocyte, B HTL14001
Calu-1 human lung carcinoma, epidermoid, grade III HTL95002
Calu-6 human lung carcinoma, anaplastic HTL97003
CAS-1 human glioblastoma HTL97009
CaSki human cervix carcinoma, epidermoid HTL98018
CEINGE CL3 rat brain, embryonic, transformed ATL99012
Cf2Th dog thymus AL97003
CFPAC-1 human pancreas adenocarcinoma HTL01019
CHO hamster ovary ATL95003
CHO-K1 hamster ovary ATL98003
CHO-SSR1 hamster ovary, transfected ATL98001
CHO-SSR2 hamster ovary, transfected ATL98002
CM-S/un human monocyte tumor HTL06005
CM-S/Tum human monocyte tumor HTL08001
COLO 205 human colon adenocarcinoma HTL00010
COLO 320DMF human colon adenocarcinoma HTL95027
COLO 699N human lung adenocarcinoma, pleural fluid HTL95009
COLO 741 human colon carcinoma, pelvic wall metastasis HTL95008
COLO 800 human melanoma, subcutaneous nodule HTL97005
COLO 853 human melanoma, lymph node HTL96001
COLO 858 human melanoma, lymph node HTL97017
COR-L23 human lung carcinoma, large cell HTL95012
COS-1 monkey kidney, SV40 transformed ATL01002
COS-7 monkey kidney, SV40 transformed ATL96005
CTLL-2 mouse lymphocyte, T AL00003
DAUDI human lymphoma, Burkitt HTL95024
DBTRG.05MG human glioblastoma HTL98001
DH-82 dog monocyte-macrophage ATL96008
DLD-1 human colon adenocarcinoma HTL95011
DMS-79 human lung carcinoma, small cell HTL98009
DOHH2 human lymphoma, follicular, B cell HTL99022
DU-145 human prostate carcinoma HTL99013
E.Derm horse dermis AL97004
F9 mouse testis teratocarcinoma ATL99006
FAO rat hepatoma ATL99001
FTC-133 human thyroid carcinoma, follicular HTL97015
FTC-238 human thyroid carcinoma, follicular HTL96003
G-361 human melanoma HTL99001
GDM-1 human leukemia, acute myelomonocytic HTL01008
GF-D8 human leukemia, acute myeloid HTL01009
GH3 rat pituitary adenoma ATL96003
GH4-C1 rat pituitary adenoma ATL96006
GI-ME-N human neuroblastoma, metastatic, stage IV HTL98011
GPE 86 mouse kidney fibroblast HTL06007
GS-9L rat glioma ATL96001
H9 human lymphoma HTL05006
H-EMC-SS human chondrosarcoma HTL99016
HCT-15 human colorectal adenocarcinoma HTL00001
HCT-116 human colon carcinoma HTL95025
HCT-8 human ileocecal adenocarcinoma HTL99005
HECV human umbilical cord HL01001
HEL 92.1.7 human erythroleukemia HTL03002
HeLa human cervix carcinoma, epitheloid HTL95023
HeLa 382 human cervix carcinoma, epitheloid, transfected HTL95015
HeLa 422 human cervix carcinoma, epitheloid, transfected HTL95014
HeLa 432 human cervix carcinoma, epitheloid, transfected HTL95016
HeLa S3 human cervix carcinoma, epitheloid HTL95020
Hep G2 human hepatocellular carcinoma HTL95005
Hepa 1-clc7 mouse hepatoma ATL98016
HFFF2 human foreskin, fibroblast, fetal HL95002
HGC-27 human stomach carcinoma, undifferentiated HTL95028
HL-60 human leukemia, promyelocytic HTL95010
HOS human osteosarcoma, bone HTL04003
Hs578T human breast carcinoma HTL00007
Hs913T human fibrosarcoma HTL99012
HT 1197 human bladder carcinoma HTL04006
HT-1080 human fibrosarcoma HTL98016
HT-29 human colon adenocarcinoma, grade II HTL99026
HTC rat hepatoma, ascitic fluid ATL95006
HuP-T3 human pancreas adenocarcinoma, ascitic fluid HTL96006
HuP-T4 human pancreas adenocarcinoma, ascitic fluid HTL95006
HUVEC human umbelical vein endothelial cells IST05001
IM-9 human bone marrow, B lymphoblast HTL99009
IMR-32 human neuroblastoma HTL96021
IMR-5 human neuroblastoma HTL00009
IST-EBV-TW1.1 human, lymphocyte, B EBV03001
IST-EBV-TW1.2 human, lymphocyte, B EBV03002
IST-EBV-TW2.1 human, lymphocyte, B EBV03003
IST-EBV-TW2.2 human, lymphocyte, B EBV03004
IST-EBV-TW3.1 human, lymphocyte, B EBV03005
IST-EBV-TW3.2 human, lymphocyte, B EBV03006
IST-EBV-TW4.A human, lymphocyte, B EBV03007
IST-EBV-TW4.B human, lymphocyte, B EBV03008
IST-EBV-TW5.A human, lymphocyte, B EBV03009
IST-EBV-TW5.B human, lymphocyte, B EBV03010
IST-EBV-TW6.A human, lymphocyte, B EBV04001
IST-EBV-TW6.B human, lymphocyte, B EBV04002
IST-SL1 human lung carcinoma, small cell HTL97012
IST-SL2 human lung carcinoma, small cell HTL97010
IST-MEL1 human melanoma HTL01006
IST-MEL2 human melanoma HTL01012
IST-MEL3 human melanoma HTL01011
IST-MELA 16 human melanoma HTL11007
IST-MES1 human mesothelioma HTL01005
IST-MES2 human mesothelioma HTL01007
J774A.1 mouse monocyte-macrophage ATL98011
JM2 rat hepatoma ATL99009
JTC-27 rat hepatoma ATL98013
K-562 human leukemia, chronic myelogenous HTL94001
KARPAS-422 human lymphoma, follicular, B cell HTL99023
KYSE-30 human esophagus carcinoma, squamous cell HTL97022
L1210 mouse leukemia, lymphocytic ATL99002
L6C5 rat skeletal muscle myoblasts AL00001
L6H2 rat non myogenic subclone L6 ATL00001
L929 mouse connective tissue ATL95001
LB4 human lymphocyte, B, EBV transformed HTL05003
LB-B7 human lymphocyte, B, EBV transformed HTL05007
LB-F9 human lymphocyte, B, EBV transformed HTL05004
LNCap.FGC human prostate adenocarcinoma HTL99011
LoVo human colon adenocarcinoma HTL99028
LS 180 human colorectal adenocarcinoma HTL01016
LTK- mouse connective tissue AL97001
M07e human leukemia, acute megakaryoblastic HTL04002
Mab 62B1-PC mouse hybridoma, anti plasmacell HYL98001
Mab 8A-PC mouse hybridoma, anti plasmacell HYL98002
Mab 8F6-PC mouse hybridoma, anti plasmacell HYL98003
McA-RH7777 rat liver hepatoma ATL00002
MCF7 human breast adenocarcinoma HTL95021
MCF7-382 human breast adenocarcinoma, transfected HTL95018
MCF7-422 human breast adenocarcinoma, transfected HTL95017
MCF7-432 human breast adenocarcinoma, transfected HTL95019
MCF7-488X1 human breast adenocarcinoma, transfected HTL96004
MCF7-490X1 human breast adenocarcinoma, transfected HTL96002
MCF7-492X1 human breast adenocarcinoma, transfected HTL96028
MDA-MB-231 human breast adenocarcinoma HTL99004
MDA-MB-415 human breast adenocarcinoma HTL02005
MDA-MB-436 human adenocarcinoma HTL11005
MDA-MB-453 human breast adenocarcinoma HTL01013
MDA-MB-468 human breast adenocarcinoma HTL99024
ME-180 human cervix carcinoma, epidermoid HTL96027
MeCo 05 human melanoma HTL07001
MEG-01 human leukemia, megakaryoblastic HTL96017
MEGR 07 human melanoma, metastatic cutaneous nodule HTL07005
MEL 290 human, uvea, melanoma, uveal HTL12002
MeMo 05 human melanoma, lymph node metastasis HTL07002
MEMOR 06 human melanoma, subcutaneous metastasis HTL07004
MES-SA human uterus sarcoma HTL96008
MEWO human melanoma HTL97019
MG-1361 mouse mammary gland adenocarcinoma ATL97003
MG-63 human osteosarcoma HTL99003
MH1C1 rat hepatoma ATL98014
MiCl1 (S+L-) mink lung, fetal ATL97001
MOLT-4 human leukemia, T cell HTL99025
MONO-MAC-6 human leukemia,acute monocytic HTL01015
MPP 89 human mesothelioma HTL00012
MRC-5 human lung, fetal HL95001
MSTO-211H human mesothelioma HL01018
MTP-GFP mouse mammary gland adenocarcinoma ATL07002
Mv1Lu mink lung, fetal AL97002
NCI-H1650 human lung carcinoma HTL06002
NCI-H1975 human lung adenocarcinoma HTL06001
NCI-H292 human lung carcinoma, mucoepidermoid HTL96009
NCI-H727 human lung carcinoma, non-small cell HTL97001
Neuro-2a mouse neuroblastoma ATL99007
NIH-3T3 mouse embryo AL07001
NT2-D1 human testis carcinoma, embryonal, pluripotent HTL97025
NULLI-SCC1 mouse teratocarcinoma ATL06001
OCI-AML2 human leukemia, acute myeloid HTL01010
P19 mouse teratocarcinoma ATL99013
P388.D1(cl3124) mouse lymphoid neoplasm ATL97013
P3X63Ag8 mouse myeloma ATL05001
P3X63Ag8U.1 mouse myeloma, fusion partner ATL96012
PA-1 human ovary teratocarcinoma, ascitic fluid HTL97002
PA317 mouse embryo HTL06006
PC-12 rat adrenal pheochromocytoma ATL98004
PC-3 human prostate adenocarcinoma, grade IV HTL97018
PF-382 human leukemia, T cell HTL0006
PF97387 human, lymphocyte, B HTL14004
PG-4 (S+L-) cat brain, fetal, M-MSV transformed ATL97002
PSN1 human pancreas adenocarcinoma HTL97008
RAJI human Burkitt lymphoma HTL00002
RAW 264.7 mouse macrophage ATL02001
RBL-1 rat leukemia, basophilic ATL01001
Rj2.2.5 human lymphoma, Burkitt HTL02002
RO82-W-1 human thyroid carcinoma, follicular HTL98002
ROV-S human lymphoblastoid, EBV transformed HTL05002
RPMI 7932 human skin melanoma HTL96012
RRAm1 rat skin, fibroblast AL99001
RT-1 rat fibrosarcoma, RSV-33 transformed ATL96002
S+L-CAT2 cat, MSV transformed ATL96011
Saos-2 human osteosarcoma HTL01001
SC-1 mouse embryo ATL96009
SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma, bone marrow metastasis HTL95013
SHM-D33 mouse/human hybrid heteromyeloma, fusion partner ATL94001
SiHa human cervix carcinoma, squamous cell HTL98017
SIRC rabbit cornea AL96001
SK-BR-3 human breast adenocarcinoma HTL03005
SK-HEP-1 human liver adenocarcinoma HTL10001
SK-LU-1 human lung adenocarcinoma, grade III, poorly differentiated HTL96023
SK-MEL-5 human skin melanoma HTL01023
SK-MEL-24 human skin melanoma HTL02001
SK-MEL-28 human skin melanoma HTL99010
SK-MES-1 human lung carcinoma, squamous cell HTL95004
SK-N-AS human neuroblastoma HTL95026
SK-N-BE(2) human neuroblastoma HTL96015
SK-N-BE(2)-C human neuroblastoma HTL96018
SK-N-F1 human neuroblastoma HTL97020
SK-N-SH human neuroblastoma, bone marrow metastasis HTL96019
SR-4987 mouse bone marrow, stromal cells, MLV transformed ATL99005
SUP-T1 human lymphoma, lymphoblastic, T cell HTL96007
SW1353 human bone chondrosarcoma HTL99008
SW48 human colon adenocarcinoma, grade IV HTL99020
SW480 human colon adenocarcinoma HTL99017
SW620 human colon adenocarcinoma HTL99015
SW837 human rectum, adenocarcinoma, grade IV HTL99021
T47D human breast carcinoma, ductal HTL98003
T84 human colon carcinoma HTL95022
TE671 Subline 2 human rhabdomyosarcoma HTL97021
TF-1 human erythroleukemia HTL05001
THP-1 human leukemia, acute monocytic HTL97014
THP-1h human leukemia, acute monocytic HTL05008
THP-1l human leukemia, acute monocytic HTL05009
TT human thyroid carcinoma, medullary HTL98004
U-937 human lymphoma, histiocytic HTL94002
U-2 OS human osteosarcoma HTL11001
U251 MG human glioblastoma-astrocytoma HTL99014
U87/DK human glioblastoma HTL08003
U87 MG human glioblastoma-astrocytoma HTL00013
U87/WT human glioblastoma HTL08004
UPMM 3 human, uvea, melanoma, uveal HTL13001
V-79 hamster lung fibroblast AL99002
VA-ES-BJ human skin sarcoma, epitheloid HTL97024
Vero monkey kidney ATL95005
WEHI-164 mouse fibrosarcoma ATL96004
WEHI-3B mouse leukemia, myelomonocytic ATL99003
WEHI-3B/cpx mouse leukemia, myelomonocytic ATL99004
WiDr human colorectal adenocarcinoma HTL00003
WOP mouse 3T3, polyoma virus transformed ATL99011
XC rat sarcoma, RSV transformed ATL96013
Y79 human retinoblastoma HTL99029
ZR-75-1 human breast carcinoma, ductal HTL99006


2ME 2-mercaptoethanol
DMEM Dulbecco's modified minimum essential medium
DMSO dimethyl sulphoxide
EDTA ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid
FBS fetal bovine serum
L-glu L-glutamine
MEM (EBSS) Eagle's minimum essential medium with Earle's balanced salt solution
MEM (HBSS) Eagle's minimum essential medium with Hanks' balanced salt solution
NaP Na pyruvate
NEAA non-essential amino acids
RPMI Roswell Park Memorial Institute