Patent deposit

ICLC has been recognized as International Deposit Authority by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Geneva, on February 29th, 1996. Human and animal cell lines and hybridomas can be deposited, under the Budapest Treaty. If in a request of patent deposit a cell line or a microorganism are used, they cannot be adequately described, and must be deposited at an authorized institution, which undertakes to verify the vitality and absence of contaminations and to preserve for at least thirty years. There are 38 IDA, the Cell Bank is the only italian one for cell lines and hybridomas. At the moment, 53 cell lines are deposited at the "CBA-ICLC".

The accepted organisms

The following organisms are accepted: With regard to dangerous pathogenic agents, ICLC does not accept deposit of cell lines and hybridomas offering risk greater than Group 2 as indicated in d.lg. 626/94 (implementation of Directions 89/654 CEE, 89/655 CEE, 89/656 CEE, 90/269 CEE, 90/270 CEE, 90/394 CEE, 90/679 CEE concerning improvement of safety and health of workers at their working place) and of d.l.g. 242/96 (amendments and additions to the legislative decree 19th 9/94 nr. 626 comprising implementation of CEE Directions concerning improvement of safety and health of workers at their working place). With regard to genetically manipulated cell lines, these are accepted only if belonging to risk category Group 1 under d.lg. nr. 206/2001 (compliance with Direction 98/81/CEE regarding the limited use of genetically manipulated microorganisms). In no case ICLC shall accept the deposit of cell lines or hybridomas belonging to risk categories above those indicated.

How to deposit

The patent deposit service is managed from the Advanced Biotechnology Center (CBA-ICLC). The agreement and instructions for the deposit are available on-line.
In short: