Price list

Frozen ampoule 320.00
Culture flask* 500.00
Growth and preparation of a Cell Bank enquire
Delivery charges frozen ampoule (Italy)** 60.00
Delivery charges growing culture (Italy) 35.00
Delivery charges frozen ampoule (Europe and Mediterranean area)** from 150.00
Delivery charges growing culture (Europe and Mediterranean area) 60.00
Delivery charges frozen ampoule (International) from 250.00
STR profile 200.00
Patent deposit 1,350.00
Safe deposit (ampoule/year) 1,00

* for some cell lines particularly difficult to maintain in culture the times of delivery could be longer
** shipments of particular cell lines (GMOs) and/or to certain destinations may be subject to an additional surcharge

N.B. Prices do not include VAT.