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Cell line nameSaos-2
Accession numberICLC HTL01001
Brief descriptionSpecies: human, Caucasian; Tissue: bone; Tumor: osteosarcoma
DescriptionSpecies: human, Caucasian female 11 years old; Tissue: bone; Tumor: osteosarcoma
DepositorDr G. Di Domenico, Biology and Cellular and Molecular Pathology Dept, Naples, Italy
Reference paperHuman tumor cells in vitro. Fogh J. ed., Plenum Press, New York, 1975; pp. 115-159
Morphology and growthcontinuous culture, grown as monolayer, morphology epithelial
Culture conditionsDMEM + 10% FBS + 2mM L-Glutamine; Split confluent cultures 1:3-1:6 using trypsin/EDTA, 37C, 5% CO2
Propertiesepidermal growth factor (EGF) and transforming growth factor beta (type 1 and type 2) receptor expression; positive for alkaline phosphatase
DistributionCell line available for distribution. For non-commercial investigative use only
Species validationValidated by HLA-DP beta: confirmed as human by PCR
Passage number15
Freezing mediumCulture medium + 50% FBS + 10% DMSO
Validation assaysIdentification confirmed by Short Tandem Repeat (STR) profile.
Amelogenin: X; vWA: 18; FGA: 22,25; TH01: 6,9; D18S51: 15; D21S11: 28,30; D8S1179: 10,12
Further bibliographyCancer Res. 1987;47:4961-4966 - PMID: 3040234
J Natl Cancer Inst 1977;58:209-214 - PMID: 77097006
J Natl Cancer Inst 1977;59:221-226 - PMID: 77210034

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