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Deposit for the catalog

To deposit a cell line, request and fill in the deposit form and send it to the bank, which will organize the collection of the material.

Deposit for patent purpose

In February 1996, ICLC obtained, by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the recognition of International Deposit Authority (IDA) for human and animal cell lines and hybridomas, according to the Budapest Treaty. If a cell line is used in a patent application, it cannot be adequately described, and must therefore be deposited in an authorized institution, which commits to verify viability and absence of contamination, and to store it for not less than thirty years. The ICLC Cell Bank is the only IDA for cell lines in Italy.

Organisms accepted on deposit
Hybridomas and human and animal cell lines are accepted.

How to make a deposit
For information and to obtain the necessary documentation, contact